If you want to try out the examples here yourself, here are a couple of options:

OpenShift Playground

You can use the OpenShift Playground to get access to a cluster for 60 minutes at a time. This option doesn’t require you to install anything. This is the option we used for most of the examples on the site.

OpenShift Playground

Click the red START SCENARIO button, and then you will have access to an OpenShift cluster via a web-based terminal window with kubectl available.

Try OpenShift

Alternatively, you can head over to openshift.com/try for more ways to access or install an OpenShift cluster. For laptop installation see CodeReadyContainers.

Other options

Another option is to install minikube or kind. Minikube makes it easy to run a single-node Kubernetes cluster in a virtual machine, while Kind uses containers to help you run “Kubernetes IN Docker”.